"I value workouts with BeFit Bootcamps for a number of reasons. First, I love that we are outside in the fresh air. Honestly, my favorite part of the day is stretching after a great workout, looking up with gratitude at the green trees and blue sky! The camaraderie with the supportive coaches and fellow members also makes this a great way to workout. And most importantly, I look forward to the actual workouts, which are always different, interesting, and challenging. I so appreciate the quality coaching, especially with the new owner, Gin Dietz, leading the way. I definitely recommend BeFit Bootcamps."

- Kelly


"Wow! I've been with BeFit Bootcamps, Vasona location, for a couple of years. I have worked out most of my life, but have found BeFit most beneficial with my goals for a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

The workouts are challenging and keep me pushing myself. I feel strong. (Body)
The coaches (better than ever) switch it up and keep me focused on form. (Mind)
Working out under the trees, and being near the water add a very positive element to my workouts. Having work out buddies, and good leadership is the icing on the cake. (Spirit)
Thank You Gin!"

- Jeannie


"Amazing boot camp!!!! I was a member at Be Fit for a little over a year. I had to leave because I've moved up to Union City. This boot camp totally helped turn my life around. In one year I lost 60lbs, gained amazing strength, and a lot of confidence. I was extremely out of shape when I first joined; couldn't even complete one real burpee or one real sit up. The trainers made me feel totally comfortable and always had modifications ready so the entire workout was attainable. I've only experienced friendly classmates and I have never felt judged. Their prices are VERY reasonable as I had to look for a new boot camp since moving. You won't regret putting your time and effort into this boot camp!"

- Megan